Congressman Tim Huelskamp

Representing the 1st District of Kansas

President Obama Fails Americans Again

Oct 22, 2013
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today the Labor Department released their long-delayed employment figures for September. The numbers came in significantly less than expected: with non-farm payrolls adding only 148,000. The unemployment rate only fell because of the continued drop off in the Labor participation rate, which remains at historic lows—matching numbers last seen during the Carter malaise in 1978. Representative Tim Huelskamp (KS-1) believes this is another example of President Obama failing Americans.

Congressman Tim Huelskamp issued the following statement:

“The Carter-like policies of Barack Obama are having similar results.  The President’s job-killing agenda of over-regulation, over-taxation, and ObamaCare is clearly stifling economic growth.  This data reflects not an increase in the number of jobs created, but an example of just how many people are giving up hope of ever finding a job and leaving the workforce. Americans deserve better than the same old failed policies of liberalism.”

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